Applying for a premises Licence

In order to run a premises that sells alcohol, provides entertainment or offers hot food and drink after 11pm, you must have a premises licence. This applies to both existing and new buildings.

Without this you will be in breach of the law, you will not be able to operate and could face legal action and/or prosecution. Our experienced team can help you to apply for this and will ensure that your premises will fall in line with regulation so you can concentrate on running your business.

Applying for a Licence to Sell Alcohol

Should you wish to sell alcohol in your premises you will need to apply for an alcohol licence. This is a mandatory requirement and you could face up to a £22,000 fine from your local council.

Our experienced team can help you with this and ensure all regulations are met. With a 100% success rate your in safe hands.

Applying for a HMO Licence

With the growing demand in the HMO sector, authorities have introduced new licensing schemes. Failing to have the correct licence for your property can lead to criminal prosecution and a hefty fine.

To help landlords navigate through this we are here to assist you through the process of applying for the correct licence required by the local borough for your property.

In order to assess the exact type of licence required we start by gathering basic information about your property and ensuring the correct assessments are carried out.

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